About QndQ Cardia

QndQ Cardia is located in Chandigarh (India) is a well-renowned cardiac diabetic Pharma PCD Company. We deal in pharma third party manufacturing and PCD distributorship. Our entire pharma range developed under stringent research & development process. We have a dedicated team focusing on different aspects of the business, for instance, marketing, branding, market research, and development.

Being a leading pharma contract manufacturer, QndQ Cardia never compromise on the quality of the product. Our portfolio is developed by a team of highly experienced professionals. Our manufacturing facility is ISO-WHO-GMP certified. We are committed to delivering the best quality pharma products that are both affordable and effective. However, QndQ Cardia specialise in cardiac diabetic range.

In addition, QndQ Cardia deals in Pharma Franchise/Pharma PCD PAN India. We are offering a diverse range of pharma products including tablets, capsules, syrups, and so on. We not only have the finest infrastructure for quality production but a team of qualified professionals to supervise the entire process of manufacturing and delivering. There are several perks offered to our associates, such as monopoly rights of distribution, promotional and marketing assistance, assured timely delivery, and so on.

Who We Are

QndQ Cardia is a professionally managed pharmaceutical company, aim to become a top pharmaceutical company.

Our Mission

QndQ Cardia is continuously working towards bringing quality life to its customers by providing the best yet affordable cardiac diabetic products.

Our Vision

We believe in sustainability and innovation. Our team of highly skilled professionals are working towards our vision of becoming the leaders in the Indian pharmaceutical industry that is not only trusted but also an epitome of quality products and services.


We are continuously improving ourselves, in terms of service, quality products, and innovation to meet the global demand.

Strict Quality Control

QndQ Cardia is committed to delivering quality products. The entire process of selecting raw materials to manufacturing and ultimately distribution, we take care of every and each step. Our facility is well-equipped with the latest hi-tech equipment and we only sourced raw materials from trusted vendors.

Currently, there are more than 200+ products that come in attractive packaging. Our every process adheres to the international standard practices. This makes QndQ Cardia a trusted brand in the Indian pharmaceutical market.

  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 94%
  • Quality Assurance 99%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
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