Best Medicine For Cholesterol In India

Best medicine for cholesterol in India - Cholesterol levels have become a major health issue in India as it is linked to cardiovascular diseases. Numerous studies and organizations provide comprehensive information on the best cholesterol levels and ways to manage and...

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Top 10 Medicines For Blood Pressure In India

Top 10 Medicines For Blood Pressure In India - Blood pressure is becoming the most common health problem among Indians.  In India, nationally, more than 1 in 4 people are suffering from hypertension—more than 90% of adults are either undiagnosed or treated but with...

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Top 10 Diabetes Medicine In India

Top 10 diabetes medicine in India - India has been experiencing a significant rise in the prevalence of diabetes due to various factors. This rise has naturally increased the demand for diabetic medicines in the country. Due to this the demand for diabetic medicines...

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Top 10 Cardiac Drugs In India

Top 10 Cardiac Drugs in India - India is one of the largest countries where the demand for cardiac products is increasing rapidly. The number of patients suffering from cardiac and other diseases causing an increase in heart problems. Due to this, there is a need for...

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Cardiovascular Disease Medicines In India

Cardiovascular disease medicines in India - The risk of cardiovascular-related deaths and hospitalizations for patients with chronic heart failure and ejection fraction is increasing day by day. Understanding the delicacy of the matter, QndQ Cardia offers the Best...

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