Composition Glimepiride 1 mg +Metformin 500 mg S.R + Pioglitazone 15 mg Tablets
Pack 10×10 Blister
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Glimepiride 1 mg + Metformin 500 mg S.R + Pioglitazone 15 mg Tablets Uses 

This combination contains Glimepiride + Metformin + Pioglitazone. These are three different types of anti-diabetic medication, which work differently from each other. Together, this combination very effectively provides better blood sugar control in the human body when single or dual blood sugar control therapy does not work. Glimepiride is from a group of medications called Sulfonylurea, this helps the human body by increasing the amount of insulin which is released by the pancreas to decrease the blood glucose level. Metformin comes from the class of medication called biguanides, which works inside the human body by reducing liver glucose production, delaying intestinal glucose absorption, and increasing insulin sensitivity. Pioglitazone comes from the medication class called Thiazolidinedione, Which works by enlarging the insulin sensitivity further inside the human body. Together these medications help in proper and full control of the blood sugar level of the human body. 

Direction to Use

  • This medication is prescribed by the medical healthcare professional for blood sugar control, your physician will decide the duration and amount to be taken for you according to your medical health condition. 
  • Take this medication as directed by the medical healthcare professional with or without food, and take this medication at the same time every day.  
  • Glimepiride + Metformin + Pioglitazone should be taken in one swallow. Glass of water is recommended. Do not chew, crush, or break the tablets. 
  • Glimepiride , Metformin, and Pioglitazone work best when combined with healthy lifestyle changes such as weight loss, exercise, and diet. 
  • If avoid the chances of hypoglycemia symptoms such as cold sweats, cold pale skin, shaking, or anxiety, always bring some sugary snacks or a glass of fruit juice. 

Side Effects

This medication should only be prescribed by healthcare professionals and physicians when they are confident that the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks. Most people who follow a healthy diet and exercise routines do not experience any side effects. However, some common side effects may occur and don’t require any medical treatment and may resolve over time. Some common side effects include –

  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Stomach ache
  • Respiratory infection
  • Nausea (feeling sick)
  • Vomiting (falling sick)
  • Weight gain
  • Sweating
  • Palpitations
  • Numbness
  • Vision problems

A risk of adverse and serious side effects is very rare and uncommon, somehow if you notice any serious side effects in your body, it is recommended to talk to your medical health care professional ASAP. Effects such as –

  • Notice Heart Problems 
  • Sign of Lactic Acidosis
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Severe Fatigue
  • Difficulty Breathing 
  • Severe Liver and Kidney Problems


  • Caution, it is important to tell your medical healthcare professional about the history or any allergic reaction any allergy if you are suffering from it currently. 
  • This medication is prescribed with caution for patients with Kidney and Liver disease after proper examination. 
  • This medication is not good for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant ladies, also consult your medical healthcare professional if you are planning to be a mother. 
  • Glimepiride 1 mg Metformin 500 mg S.R + Pioglitazone 15 mg Tablets can cause nausea, Headache, and Vision problems. It is not recommended to drive heavy vehicles or operate heavy pieces of machinery. 
  • It is not safe to consume any kind of alcohol while taking this tablet. Drinking alcohol can affect the absorption of this medicine. 
  • Do not consume more quantity than prescribed because it can increase the chances of side effects. 
  • Complete the full prescribed course even if you feel your blood sugar level is in control because stopping earlier can create the chances of uncontrollable blood sugar levels. 
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