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Uses Of Ticagrelor 90 mg Tablet

This drug ticagrelor is a medication that belongs to the group of medicines called antiplatelet(Blood Thinners). With the formation of harmful and deadly blood clots in blood vessels the chances of heart attack and stroke start increasing. This medication Ticagrelor 90 mg helps an individual by reducing the risk of these problems who are suffering from deadly heart diseases. 90mg Ticagrelor Tablet can also be used to treat patients who have recently had a heart attack or who have experienced severe chest pain, known as unstable angina pectoris, after having a stent placed in their heart. It can help prevent serious heart problems such as the recurrence of a heart attack or stroke, or blood clots that may form in the stents. This allows blood to circulate more freely around the body, reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke and preventing the formation of deep veins or pulmonary embolisms. 

To get the most out of this medicine, take it regularly and make the right lifestyle changes. It is usually prescribed in combination with a lower dose of aspirin, which also prevents blood from clotting. Your doctor or medical healthcare expert will prescribe some antiplatelet medicines along with this medication as the course for 1 year. You have to consume this medication properly and regularly on time. Caution Do not miss the dosage of Ticagrelor 90 mg even if you are feeling well and good, You can consume it with or without food and can feel great results by following the proper manner created by your medical healthcare expert. The chances of another heart attack and stroke can occur if you do not take the schedule seriously, and do not consume more or less than is prescribed for you.

Side Effects

Most of the time there is no requirement for medical attention for these side effects because they disappear by the time and adaptation to the body towards this medication.

Dose and duration:

  • Take the medicine as directed by your doctor and swallow it whole. 
  • Don’t chew, crush, or break the tablets. 
  • You can take Ticagrelor 90mg Tablet with or without a meal.
  • it’s best to take it at a set time.

Such common side effects are 

  • Breathlessness  (commonly happens and suddenly starts curing by itself)
  • Bleeding (if you got cut or any injury, it will take longer than it usually takes to stop bleeding you do not need to worry about that) 

These side effects disappear with time, so there is no need to worry about them, if you want you can ask your medical healthcare expert for advice. 


  • Most commonly, you will take it twice daily. 
  • It is usually prescribed in combination with low-dose aspirin. 
  • Common side effects include shortness of breath and more frequent bleeding than usual. 
  • Some common side effects include Nosebleeds Heavy menstrual bleeding Bleeding in the gums Bruising, and you can also consume alcohol with this medicinal product. However, it is important to limit the amount of alcohol consumed as it can upset the stomach. 
  • It may be necessary to discontinue treatment for a short period before surgery or dental procedures. However, this should be discussed with your physician or dentist.

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